Who I Am

I am proud to be the next generation of canners in my family and I'm passing that tradition on to my children.

Our Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Our fruits and vegetables are harvested either from our own gardens or sourced from local growers.

Shipped to You from Vermont

Sending you the highest quality that Vermont is known for.

“Alisha’s Country Goodies” is a canning business that focuses on keeping the history of canning important as a method for producing value added products.  I make favorites that older generations remember from their families over the years. I also make products that are new creations and variations.

My grandmother canned every year, their family would depend on it. It was a common practice that families would do to ensure a source of food to get through the winters. She would allow me to help when I was younger. I would help with prepping vegetables and washing jars, as I got older, I was able to help with making jams, jellies and pickled beets. Eventually my responsibilities were unlimited, I could do everything she did. I enjoyed helping.


To see the shelves full of different foods and colors was amazing to me. And to know what types of ingredients we used to get some of the products we made was also amazing.  One example was “Rose Petal Jelly”. Not only was it a deep pink shining through the jars but the fact we picked petals off my grandmothers rose bushes to create this beautiful jar of jelly was amazing in itself. I continued to help every year. Once I had my own family, I continued the tradition in my own home.


When people started asking me if they could buy quantities of relishes from me in the Fall so that they had enough to use all year until I made more.  They would express to me how much they really enjoyed my homemade goodies.  As time went on, I had people buying pickled beets, jams, pickled eggs and salsa along with the “popular relishes”.  Im busy making items every day and I’m loving every bit of it.